Accounts Receivable

Your accounts receivable is another of your largest assets. Dynamo accurately tracks who owes what and makes it easy to process customer payments. You can print, email or fax a customer statement including all past due invoices with the click of a button.

Apply Customer Payments directly to any open invoices or to their accounts for a future order. Dynamo uses payment dates and amounts to automatically calculate the average number of days it takes a customer to pay. As with other Dynamo transactions, these payment transactions get shuffled right to the general ledger.

Print a Deposit Slip for all entered payments with check numbers and amounts as well as the date received. Take the slip to your bank for easy deposits and also get a copy for your records.

Non-routine Payments can be received and applied to miscellaneous general ledger accounts as necessary. These types of payments might include incentive checks from vendors, or payout checks for an insurance claim.