Excellware provides two options for eCommerce: Dynaweb and Magento.

Dynaweb provides web-based access to Dynamo data in real time.  Customers can view quotes and orders, payment history, item and serial number history, and shipment tracking.  They can also view and print invoices and access basic Item Inquiry information including customer-specific pricing and availability.  These basic Dynaweb features are included with Dynamo at no extra charge.

Dynaweb can also be extended to include order entry capability.  Orders entered via Dynaweb are available immediately for fulfillment.  Company Terms and credit card payments are supported.  This option is available for a one-time setup fee of $1850 plus $120 per month.

Dynamo and Dynaweb share the same data files, and run on the same server, so any Dynamo transaction is immediately reflected on Dynaweb.

Magento is a very popular eCommerce platform and Dynamo integrates with the free Community Edition.  This offering is intended primarily for new customers.  It does not provide for customer-specific pricing nor does it provide access to Dynamo transactions that were not initiated on Magento.

Unlike Dynaweb, Magento does not share a database with Dynamo.  Magento is updated by Dynamo periodically, typically once per hour.  These updates include item information, retail pricing and inventory availability.  Orders created on the Magento web site are automatically imported into Dynamo at the same frequency.  Dynamo also sends to Magento shipment tracking information.  Magento integration is available for a one-time setup of $1850 plus $240 per month.