Purchase Order Processing

This application is used to create, maintain, and receive products that you buy and resell. Print, email, or fax purchase orders right from Dynamo. Create a purchase order manually, or let Dynamo create one for a vendor based on your past sales experience and current inventory levels.

Purchase Order Processing is to vendors what Sales Order Processing is to customers. Get instant access to available contact info, historical invoices, payments, general ledger posting info, single-key access to the vendor's website, list of vendor items...the list goes on.

Purchase Order Receiving details when, where, and how many products were received from a purchase order. Dynamo has no problem receiving partial shipments and will update your inventory quanitites as things are delivered.

Salesperson Inquiry can be printed, faxed, or emailed directly from Dynamo. Sure, your vendors will probably still charge you the same, but a neat, organized, and detailed purchase order can avoid purchasing mistakes while making a great impression.