Magento is a popular eCommerce platform.  It does a good job of searching for poducts as well as displaying product images and specifications.  But managing the Magento Product Catalog including quantity available for sale, current prices, and manually entering eCommerce orders into Dynamo for fullfillment can be a most time consuming task.

Dynamo integrates with Magento to automate some of these tasks including:

  • Uploading Dynamo item numbers (SKU) from Dynamo to Magento
  • Uploading Dynamo product descriptions
  • Uploading extended descriptions used by Magento
  • Uploading quantity available for sale
  • Uploading current pricing
  • Importing into Dynamo sales orders placed in Magento
  • Updating Magento with shipment date and tracking when the order ships in Dynamo
  • Credit card payment processing
  • Customer lookup and new customer creation

Excellware maintains a Magento site in order to develop and test the integration, and provide demonstrations.  We also partner with hosting and content services vendors.  Please contact us to schedule a Magento integration demonstration.