Inventory Control

Your inventory is one of your largest assets. You need to have the right products in stock at the right time to meet customer demands. Dynamo can help you achieve the right balance.

Manual Adjustments are sometimes necessary in any business. Even though Dynamo automatically keeps track of inventory levels through purchase orders and sales orders, adjustments can be made outside of these at any time, such as for company usage or shrinkage.

Stock Status Reports provide a report on all items in stock including prior sales, whether the items are overstocked or understocked, and their designated minimum/maximum stock quantities. Dynamo gives you all the information you need to maintain desired inventory levels and can even generate purchase orders automatically when items are needed.

Physical Inventory is a periodic assessment of what is supposed to be in inventory compared to what is actually on the shelves. Not only does Dynamo generate a physical inventory report, it can take some of the pain out of this process by automatically updating inventory with actual values.

Assortments are individual stock items that can be grouped under a single item number. Also referred to as bundles, these items can be advertised and sold together (e.g. a camera sold with a flash, memory card, and carrying case). Dynamo will keep track of inventory levels of stock levels of individual items every time an assortment is created.